My delivery with pre-eclampsia

It was another appointment for my blood pressure, by this point I was 39+1 weeks and very uncomfortable/scared! For a few days I had pains that were irregular and disappointing, I desperately wanted to go into labour naturally as I had an induction booked for 40 weeks. At the appointment my blood pressure was very high, it wouldn’t come down, they kept giving me tablet after tablet and nothing worked, my swelling was really bad and the protein level in my urine was sky high. Of course, I had preeclampsia. The doctor wanted to get things moving, I was upset but kept calm, the doctor checked me over and said I was already 2cm dialated! She said that they would break my waters as soon as there was a room available so I better call my birthing partners (my mum and Danny). So scared at this point but the doctor kept saying I was the calmest patient she had so I had to keep that up! I got to the delivery suite about half an hour later, still no sign of my mum and Danny but luckily they showed up not so long after. The midwife came to break my waters and it was an uncomfortable feeling to say the least, especially after, it was like a continuous leak underneath me! I was attached to a blood pressure monitor and had a cannula in for the pitocin (what they use to induce contractions), I was also attached to a foetal monitor around my belly. Not the free moving labour I wanted but it’s what I got. After about an hour of contractions that were very bare able I asked for an epidural, this was only as I anticipated the painful contractions that were going to come my way. 

The epidural was not like I expected, I had kept calm through the whole day and now I was crying and shaking uncontrollably, it wasn’t painful it was just the strangest sensation I have ever known, it wasn’t nice at all. I still had all these monitors attached to me whilst leaning at the side of the bed with my knees up (not easy). Danny was watching what the doctor was doing behind me and my mum was standing next to me. 

About 20 minutes after the epidural, the baby’s heart rate was dropping, I had to move to my side to see if it would help, it did for a minute or so and then drop again. The midwife tried to get a heart monitor attached to the baby’s head but didn’t have much luck and then there was no heartbeat. The student in the room pressed the emergency buzzer and doctors came in, my mum was panicked but I knew it was going to be fine. The doctor said I needed a c section pretty quickly as the baby was distressed. I agreed and we went through to surgery straight away, Danny had to wait until I was set up until he could come in.

In theatre I moved across to another bed and my epidural was topped up, it wasn’t working fully yet and it never crossed my mind that I’d be able to feel anything. But when they started to cut my stomach I felt it all and was crying and crying, then Danny came in and had to be told to leave as I had to be put to sleep, as they were setting up the anaesthetic they continued cutting me open, it was horrendous but now I know they only had so long to get my baby out. I had a mask over my face and fell asleep.

I remember waking up crying and heard my mums voice in the background telling me it’s okay and the baby is okay. I was really groggy and was asked if I wanted to see the baby straight away and I remember saying no I’m too dazed (sorry)! But a few minutes later I wanted to see her and Danny brought her through. 

I don’t remember how I felt at that point but I was glad it was all over. 

Leah. Born 25/11/2016. 10:13pm. 


My pregnancy 

Falling pregnant at 20 was never the plan, it was April 1st (April fools day)! And I had a funny feeling all week, my breasts were heavy and I had missed my period, I took a test on that day and it was positive. I took several and all the same, I thought they must be faulty as they were only cheap ones! I put it off for a few days and continued with this niggly feeling. I text my friend what was going on and she nagged me for days to get a proper pregnancy test, so finally I did on my way home from working in an abortion clinic. It was positive again! 2-3 weeks it said, so I went onto google and was trying to figure out how far along I could be with an ovulation calculator, it was saying 4 weeks. 

I live at home with my mum and dad, I am a student nurse at university and work part time as a healthcare assistant. My boyfriend is Danny an we were together for just over a year at this point. I didn’t tell anyone for a while, i was so nauseous everyday and kept hinting to Danny It could mean pregnancy, he didn’t seem bothered by the idea so about 3 weeks after finding out I told him and he was happy! Now I had to tell my mum, my mum actually asked me straight out if I’m pregnant and I broke down crying apologising! She noticed I was sick everyday and was put off coffee. She was disappointed for a while as she wanted me to finish university first but eventually she was fine with it and so was my dad.