My pregnancy 

Falling pregnant at 20 was never the plan, it was April 1st (April fools day)! And I had a funny feeling all week, my breasts were heavy and I had missed my period, I took a test on that day and it was positive. I took several and all the same, I thought they must be faulty as they were only cheap ones! I put it off for a few days and continued with this niggly feeling. I text my friend what was going on and she nagged me for days to get a proper pregnancy test, so finally I did on my way home from working in an abortion clinic. It was positive again! 2-3 weeks it said, so I went onto google and was trying to figure out how far along I could be with an ovulation calculator, it was saying 4 weeks. 

I live at home with my mum and dad, I am a student nurse at university and work part time as a healthcare assistant. My boyfriend is Danny an we were together for just over a year at this point. I didn’t tell anyone for a while, i was so nauseous everyday and kept hinting to Danny It could mean pregnancy, he didn’t seem bothered by the idea so about 3 weeks after finding out I told him and he was happy! Now I had to tell my mum, my mum actually asked me straight out if I’m pregnant and I broke down crying apologising! She noticed I was sick everyday and was put off coffee. She was disappointed for a while as she wanted me to finish university first but eventually she was fine with it and so was my dad.