My pregnancy part 2

I was about 3 months pregnant and had to go back on placement as a student nurse, the worst of the morning sickness had passed by now but I still had it all day everyday! Placement was ok and they were very understanding, I finished there 3 months later. So far so good with the pregnancy, just the usual hormonal (hating my partner) always hot and getting slightly uncomfortable. 

By about 7 months my blood pressure was creeping up, I had swelling and sometimes protein in my urine. I was worried about preeclampsia constantly and eventually at about 8 months pregnant I was prescribed blood pressure tablets. The swelling was all over and I was so uncomfortable, I had to be seen twice a week in the assessment unit and I dreaded it each time, i knew if my blood pressure was high it would mean me being there all day. Most of the time it was ok, but sometimes it wasn’t. Throughout all this baby was fine, I worried about her growth as high blood pressure can restrict nutrients getting through the umbilical cord, but she was fine. 


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